Talk Proposal Information

Important Dates

Types of Talks

Regular talks are 40 minutes long and can be about any Django-related topic or theme. Past talks have been about particular Django projects such as Pinax and topics such as the Django ORM.

Panels are also 40 minutes long and have a moderator and usually 3-5 panelists. If you're submitting a proposal for a panel, you don't need to have all your panelists confirmed, but you should have a good idea of who you'll invite. Panel topics should be broad enough to allow for diverse opinions and good panels are always about slightly controversial topics.

Finally, we're trying out a new style of scheduled talk - the how-to talk. How-to talks are much shorter, only 15 minutes (about 8 slides or so), and should be highly informative. Explaining a contrib app (such as syndication feeds or comments) or how to use a Django feature (such as ModelForms or the caching framework) are perfect for a how-to talk. Since previous DjangoCon attendees have expressed interest in having more beginner to intermediate level talks, we're looking for all levels of how-tos and you certainly don't need to be a Django ninja to give an awesome how-to talk.

All scheduled talks will include 10 minutes of questions at the end.

Speaker Registration

In the past we have allowed speakers to come for free to DjangoCon, however this year to ensure we can make the conference accessible to as wide a range of people as possible we have decided that we can’t offer free registration for speakers. We will review each situation and offer financial aid to those who need it.

Lightning Talks

Aside from the scheduled talks there will be a number of sessions for lightning talks. I will accept registration for lightning talks on the wiki and during the conference.