New Chairman

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The new Chairman of DjangoCon is James Tauber ( He will be the Chairman for DjangoCon 2010 (a collaboration between Siu Design and the community) and 2011 (which will be a full community run conference). We'll be looking for additional volunteers to help out with next year's conference.

I'm very excited to have James on-board, he's a natural leader in my opinion and great things will come out of him being involved with the conference.

For 2010 I will still be in the background dealing with sales/contract/sponsorship/finance related things, and also helping with the transition process to get things being run by the community in 2011.

I'm looking to open up the call for proposals and registration for DjangoCon 2010 in February. The conference will be on at the same time next year, and I'll be releasing those dates very soon.

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