DjangoCon 2010

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It's the last day of DjangoCon and it's been an interesting ride. With little time (especially after organising EuroDjangoCon) we managed to get everything together and everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves. There have been a few hiccups here and there but I really expected that to happen, especially as it's our first year on our own.

We're back next year in Portland again. The dates will probably be the same, but we're going to have tutorials before the conference, then the main conference and then the sprints. If you want to register for it you should be able to do so from February next year onwards.

I have announced elsewhere, but I'd also like to officially state here, that this will be the last DjangoCon run by Siu Design. We've had a great time (DjangoCon '08, EuroDjangoCon '09, DjangoCon '09) but it's time to hand the conference over to the community where I believe it belongs. There's only so much I can do and I finally believe the Django community is ready for the responsibilities of running its own conference and it will do a great job of it.

Have a safe trip if you're traveling home today!

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