Call for Proposals

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We will be releasing the call for Proposals later today, but I thought I'd hand you over to Leah Culver (our Program Chair) to give you information on what we're looking for this year:

This year there will be three different styles of scheduled talks: regular talks, panels, how-to talks.

Regular talks are 40 minutes long and can be about any Django-related topic or theme. Past talks have been about particular Django projects such as Pinax and topics such as the Django ORM.

Panels are also 40 minutes long and have a moderator and usually 3-5 panelists. If you're submitting a proposal for a panel, you don't need to have all your panelists confirmed, but you should have a good idea of who you'll invite. Panel topics should be broad enough to allow for diverse opinions and good panels are always about slightly controversial topics.

Finally, we're trying out a new style of scheduled talk - the how-to talk. How-to talks are much shorter, only 15 minutes (about 8 slides or so), and should be highly informative. Explaining a contrib app (such as syndication feeds or comments) or how to use a Django feature (such as ModelForms or the caching framework) are perfect for a how-to talk. Since previous DjangoCon attendees have expressed interest in having more beginner to intermediate level talks, we're looking for all levels of how-tos and you certainly don't need to be a Django ninja to give an awesome how-to talk.

All scheduled talks will include 10 minutes of questions at the end.

We're looking forward to hearing from you so please submit a talk!

-- Leah Culver, Program Chair

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