Hotel Rates

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I will add this information to the site and the wiki but I thought I'd give you all a quick heads up on what the rates for staying in the conference hotel will be.

Both double and single occupancy rooms will be $99 per night.

If you want to book at this rate, you have to register for the conference and then I will send an email around to everyone with the link to the booking form (this will either be available today (Thursday 9th July) or tomorrow (Friday 10th July).

Please do not go directly to the hotel. There is also a "book hotel now" link on the order confirmation that you will get via eventbrite. Please do not click on that either, as it's just their affiliate company and nothing to do with DjangoCon. The only way to book at the conference rate is to wait for me to send the link to the booking form around shortly via email after you have registered.

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